Article written by Karlyn Dobmeier

On February 24, the Office of The President sent out a statement to the students of Saint Cloud State University about Russia’s overnight attack on Ukraine.  The President expresses their condolences to all students, faculty and staff with family and friends who have been affected by this ongoing event.  President Wacker writes, “This is a stunning tragedy for Ukrainians whose lives and futures have been immediately upended by the aggressive invasion and distressing circumstances that are sure to follow.”  

The statement goes on to mention how privileged the SCSU campus is to be a community that has many cultures and has the opportunity to share those perspectives with others.  “What happens to people in other parts of the world is not just someone else’s concern,” President Wacker states.  President Wacker goes on to express to the readers how important it is for them to be engaged in global issues and how in times of struggle, it is important to reach out to friends and family.  

President Wacker writes that SCSU supports members of their community who have ties to Ukraine and Russia and to remind them of the resources on campus at their disposal.  Offices such as the Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), and the Center for International Studies (CIS).  Faculty and Staff are further encouraged to listen and support students who have been impacted by these events.   

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