Article Written by Sofiia Korol. Photo by Sofiia Korol. 

Alnwick Castle is a historic castle located in the town of Alnwick, in the United Kingdom. This castle is known for its ancient history and is a partner of St. Cloud State University.

One of the main advantages is the academic programs that include lectures on various subjects such as history, art, cultural studies, and others. This allows students to deepen their knowledge by communicating with highly qualified teachers and like-minded people. The English campus also offers a variety of cultural and social events that help students deepen their understanding of British culture and interact with other students. In addition, travel and excursion opportunities allow students to explore the UK and enjoy its natural and cultural treasures.

Life in the castle itself is special, which makes the experience even more exciting. Students have the opportunity to live in a historical environment and enjoy the atmosphere of an ancient English castle, which is an excellent opportunity to gain more knowledge of culture and history.

The significance of international education for students

International education is one of the most important components of modern higher education. It opens up unlimited opportunities for students for personal, professional, and cultural development. Today, when the world is becoming more and more globalized and interconnected, international education has acquired special importance.

First, international education helps broaden students’ horizons. It allows them to gain knowledge and experience in different countries and cultures, deepening their understanding of the world. Students have the opportunity to study different learning methods and approaches to problems, which expands their professional horizons.

– “This experience was life-changing. I didn’t think I would go into it like completely different and have no views in life. I would recommend others to go I want to go visit again I miss it a lot,” says Elizabeth Moretto, a marketing student.

Secondly, international education contributes to the development of intercultural competence. Students learn to communicate and cooperate with people from different cultures, religions, and traditions. It develops their ability to understand and respect differences and enriches their worldview.

Community psychology student Colton Walters says that he learned a lot about himself.

– “I learned how to solve problems, learned time management, and learned how to find my way around without having access to data on my phone. As well as learning about England, the government, and the political situations going on in the UK. I also learned a lot about northern England and the culture of that area”, he said.

Challenges and obstacles faced by students in the process of gaining international experience

Gaining international experience is an exciting and extremely rewarding process for students, but it can be accompanied by a number of difficulties and challenges.

First, culture shock is one of the difficulties that students face in a foreign environment. The difference in cultural customs, traditions, and ways of life can be great. This can lead to feelings of awkwardness and confusion. However, culture shock can be minimized through active adaptation, learning about the local culture, and seeking support for the student’s affiliation.

Second, being away from family and home can be a challenge for students. They may feel isolated and miss their home environment. However, this distance can promote independence and personal growth. It is important to have support from family and friends and to actively engage in social life in a new environment.

– “I feel like I had a lot of changes and realizations during that semester. It was my first time away from my family for more than a few days and so I really got to figure out who I was outside of my household. I realized that I’m actually super social when I want to be and that I can easily hold a conversation with someone I don’t know if I want to,” said Liberal Arts graduate student Alyssa Oelmann.

All students are encouraged to consider the unique opportunity to take part in an international exchange at Alnwick Castle, in association with St. Cloud State University. This is an exciting and extremely rewarding opportunity that will help you enrich your education and expand your worldview.

– “The experience overall was amazing and I really enjoyed it. I would definitely return to Alnwick someday. It is an experience I would recommend to any SCSU student,” urges  Walters.

At Alnwick Castle, you will find high-level academic programs, travel opportunities in a fascinating environment, and the opportunity to live in the castle itself. All this not only contributes to your academic growth but also broadens your cultural understanding.

Do not miss this opportunity to deepen your knowledge, expand your network of contacts, and become more globally oriented individuals.

An international exchange at Alnwick Castle is a step towards your own personal and professional development, which will provide you with unforgettable adventures and experiences.

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