Article Written by Christian Winfield

The Huskies women soccer team season ends as they ended the season with 6 wins, 5 losses, and 4 ties. The head coach of the Huskies women Soccer team Greta Arvesen stepped down from the head coach position this previous season. The assistant coach Jade Smith stepped up to fill in the position. Both Greta and Jade are great coaches and have impeccable coaching experience here at St. Cloud State University. 

With this being Coach Jade first season being a head coach for the Huskies women soccer team, one of the team captains Jenna Dominguez had some considerable words about Coach Jade. Jenna said it was great having Coach Jade as a head coach this season, and that Coach Jade stepped up to the plate and did the best she could this season. Jenna had just played her third competitive season here at St. Cloud State. She has a number of soccer awards from the Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference. Jenna is also recognized by her impeccable performance on the field and leadership. Jenna said that the season went decent overall, there are always going to be bumps in the road. The team needed to problem solve and work together to become successful throughout the season. 

Coach Jade has worked for the St. Cloud State women’s soccer program for 4 years. She said knowing her players skillsets and players strengths is what led her coaching skills to be successful for the previous season. Coach Jade stepped into the head coach position with confidents and passion. She said you are never truly ready to be a head coach in your first opportunity. She was told that by a lot of her previous mentors, including Coach Greta. The other coaches in the Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference were very supportive of Coach Jade as she was getting her first experience in being a head coach. She said she was very grateful to get that kind of support. 

The team’s transition from having coach Greta stepping down as head coach and Coach Jade stepping up was efficient. There were no troubles as the team members were very familiar of coach jade and her performance when it comes down to coaching. Coach Jade said that you are always adapting and evolving as a team. The Huskies women soccer team has tremendous team chemistry which led them to victories this previous season.  

The Huskies women soccer team had to go through many challenges this season. That being injuries and uncontrollable situations. Coach Jade said being in the lead you see a lot more than what traditionally the assistant sees. Coach jade found that really enlightening to see what Coach Greta and other head coaches go through every day. Coach Jade said switching from the role of being the assistant to the person in charge was the biggest challenge for her this season.  

Although Coach Greta stepped down from being a head coach, she was still there to guide Coach Jade. Coach Jade and the Huskies team members believe that the season would have been the same with or without Coach Greta. Coach Jade said Coach Greta never really left but she was around in different capacity behind the scenes. Coach Jade was very grateful for Coach Greta Guidance and said Greta was very awesome in a different role this year.  

The Huskies women soccer team were able to develop, grow, and build a foundation to where they stand on now. Coach jade believes the growth of the Huskies women soccer team was tremendous, as they were very competitive and highly skilled. Coach Jade said “from a young group of talented players coming in merging with our existing players is very exciting for the future of their program.”  

Coach Jade did an amazing job for her first time being a head coach. Coach Greta will step up to her original position as head coach this spring to train the Huskies women soccer team. Coach Jade said she enjoyed the potential she’s seen from the Huskies women soccer team from this previous season. The Huskies women’s soccer team were very successful this season and they will return this February for spring training.            



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