Photos by Emma Bast.

The anticipated St. Cloud State Homecoming is officially here. The Kickoff Event held Oct 4 at the Atwood Plaza.

Students and Faculty alike came to enjoy the events including Ax Throwing, Mini Golf, and a Mobile Splatter Paint Tent.

Faculty and students were aiming for a bullseye as they tried their hand at Ax Throwing. Cheers could be heard as axes hit their target after throwing the ax just right.

Attendees got to enjoy a Husky Picnic of grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, chatting with friends and enjoying the Kickoff.

Students also got to try their hand in the Remote Control Car Arena, trying to score points for their team by getting the ball in a goal.

The Splatter Paint Booth allowed for Huskies to don white paint suits and goggles to throw paint at friends, ending up covered in the neon colors.


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