Article Written by Rebecca Bouphamaly. Photo by Rebecca Bouphamaly. 

Everyone loves a good movie night, don’t they?  

Over the course of the next three Tuesdays, Dr. Felipe Costaglioli will be curating an enriching international film series at the Atwood theater.  

During the most recent session, attendees enjoyed a screening of the 1962 French classic, “Cleo from 5 to 7,” directed by Agnes Varga. Dr. Costaglioli began the event by providing insightful background information about the director and key characters, setting the stage for an immersive cinematic experience.  

Reflecting on her attendance, student Bethany Spooner expressed her admiration for Dr. Costaglioli’s profound passion for the subject matter.

She noted, “his genuine enthusiasm for cinema truly shows through his lecture making the overall experience so amazing.” 

The longstanding tradition of the international film series, which has been running for many years, is sadly ending this year. This decision stems from the retirement of Costaglioli at the conclusion of this term. Originating from a course taught by Dr. Costaglioli “international cinema,” this film series seamlessly integrated academic lectures with cinematic experiences. Half of each class session was dedicated to Costaglioli’s enlightening lectures, while the other half featured screenings accompanied by audience engagement.  

In an interview, Costaglioli explains the series purpose, citing its roots in European and French tradition known as the ‘cine club’. According to him, the essence of the ‘cine club’ lies in utilizing cinema as an educational medium that transcends traditional classroom boundaries, extending its reach to a broader audience.  

The international cinema course is exclusively available during the fall semester, prompting a film series during the spring term. These gatherings extend a warm invitation to students, faculty, and the wider St. Cloud Community. The essence of these events lies in fostering a sense of unity through the shared enjoyment of exceptional films and subsequent lively discussions.

Post-screening, partcipants engage in an open discussion exploring various aspects of the films, from color symbolism to metaphoric scenes and subtle body language cues. This exchange of perspectives creates a rich and rewarding experience, offering valuable insights and perspectives from diverse viewpoints.  

During an interview with Dr. Costaglioli, he was promoted with the question, “Whom or how would you suggest this event to others?” In response, Costaglioli enthusiastically said, “I recommend this to all students! Specifically, to students who either are in love with cinema or students who are curious about being intellectually and creatively stimulated in deconstructing a text.”  

If you’re an avid film buff or simply open to exploring captivating films and engaging in simulating discussions, this event might just pique your interest. The Atwood theater hosts the international film series every Tuesday from 8:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. the upcoming screening on April 2nd will feature “Persona” a Swedish film from 1966. The series will then conclude on April 23rd.  

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