Written by James McAuley 

The SCSU Men’s Hockey team lost tonight to the Denver Pioneers 2-0 in a difficult weekend on the road. The Huskiesstart to the game was slow, and the game was out of the Huskies’ control early. The keys to the game put the game in Denver’s favor. Denver’s offensive attack came to play in both nights of the weekend, outshooting the Huskies over the weekend 76-41. The Huskies couldn’t get their offense going tonight, and the Pioneers took advantage of it. The Pioneers did a great job shutting down the Huskies power play, which is the best in the country. They went 0 for 3 on the power plays tonight, which those could have been used for getting a spark on offense. The Huskies couldn’t create anything offensively, with the goose egg on the scoreboard to show for it. An unfortunate weekend for The Huskies with two road losses isn’t good, but there are still plenty of games to build their championship push.  

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