Article Written by James McAuley. Photo by James McAuley

Three students are dead and five are injured after a shooting at Michigan State University on Feb. 13. The shooter killed himself shortly after in front of police.

The shooter is identified as 43-year-old Anthony McRae.

Police say that McRae walked on to campus and walked around before shooting inside Berkey Hall and then moving to the Student Union building.

Police quickly responded to the campus alert system and found McRae walking a few miles from campus where he killed himself as soon as they arrived. They found McRae with two handguns and ammunition in his possession.

Police arrested McRae in 2019 for carrying a gun without a permit. They sentenced him with a misdemeanor and one year of probation.

The Michigan State Department of Public Safety released a statement on their website the next morning where they identified the three confirmed deaths from the shooting: Arielle Anderson, junior, Alexandria Verner, junior and Brian Fraser, sophomore.

They also announced the campus’ suspension through Wednesday.

The Office of the President at St. Cloud State University sent an email on Thursday, Feb. 16 to St. Cloud State students and faculty about the Michigan State shooting.

The email emphasized the importance of campus safety, and the precautions that Public Safety take.

Public Safety train for a vast number of scenarios and utilize the “Protect the Pack” system on campus.

They are available 24/7 and can be reached at 320-308-3333.

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