Article by Olivia Stephes. Photo by Olivia Stephes

There is a lot of frustration from students regarding the clean-up status of campus roads, parking, and sidewalks on St Cloud State’s campus.

“The amount of ice buildup where the snow from that initial heavy storm that continues to melt and refreeze is hard to get behind when accessing my vehicle in E lot,” said Ashlyn Ditschler, a freshman student at St. Cloud State.

St. Cloud State’s Public Safety and maintenance crew maintain the parking lots and sidewalks on campus; however, the majority of campus roads are not owned by the University. Most are owned and maintained under The City of St. Cloud.

“The only road that SCSU owns and maintains is S lane between the ISELF and [Robert H. Wick] Science building,” said Lt. Kreston Jammon, St. Cloud State Public Safety Center.

Although there still are complaints from students regarding the number of potholes, stacked snow piles blocking certain walkways, and the slippery conditions that comes with Minn. weather this time of year on these roads and sidewalks used daily around campus.

“We do everything in our power to give students and faculty the peace of mind when living on and visiting campus daily, and are open 24/7, 365 days a year to be of service,” said Jammon.

Some of the complaints that students still have regard the status of parking lots and sidewalks that are used during the school year.

“Exiting E and V lot is very slippery,” said Ditschler. “They have potholes at each exit and entry point. The slick conditions in V lot make it difficult to walk back to my dorm with ease, aside from the four to five large holes on the left-hand side of V lot entrance. It is sometimes like a skating rink, and E lot is not much better, especially in the dark.”

Winter weather in Minn. is unpredictable and can be very drastic. This winter is a great example of the unforeseeable weather we can get during the school year. With the 24/7 access students and faculty have to the Public Safety department regarding campus roads and parking, the university is doing everything they can to protect the pack.

Public Safety offers assistance to students by jump starting batteries, renting out shovels, scheduling days to clear out snow for students paying for parking and laying salt for safe walking conditions to and from dorms and classes. These actions help students and faculty daily.


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