Article Written by Emily McTarsney. Photo by Emily McTarsney.

On the first floor of the Hill Hall dorm, there is a food pantry that is open to all SCSU students. This Food Pantry provides food and personal hygiene products to the students who need it. The Huskies Food Pantry receives most of their food from Second Harvest Heartland, which is a food supplier that advocates for ending hunger. In addition to this, SCSU purchases culturally relevant foods such as Halal and Dahl foods. The Huskies Food Pantry also has food that contains both meat and vegetarian food and has self-care and personal hygiene products.  

The students who volunteered helped with moving the pallets of food from the truck it was shipped on to the pantry. Then, they unpack the food and organize it onto the shelves, fridges, and freezers, to get the pantry ready to serve the public.  

The Huskies Food Pantry is also conscious of their environmental impact.

The Director of Civic Engagement, Christa Martin said “We aim to be sustainable in the pantry, so please remember to bring your reusable bag at each visit.”

Students that don’t have reusable bags will be given one on their first visit.    

The Huskies Food Pantry is just one of the resources SCSU offers students. On October 31st, from 12pm-3pm there will be a resource fair in the Atwood Ballroom. The Huskies Food Pantry will be there among other booths.

The Graduate Assistant of the Huskies Food Pantry, Eurel Nwachi said “The pantry is here for you as a support. It is here to supplement your groceries to help you get through the week. It is one of the many ways that SCSU supports student success.”  

For the 2023 Fall Semester, the pantry is open from 2pm-6pm on Wednesday and 12pm-5pm on Thursday. They are sent food on Wednesdays and have volunteer slots on Wednesday from 12pm-2pm. Since there is high demand for these slots, they will be adding slots on Thursday from 11am-1pm. Anyone who is interested in volunteering can see more information and sign up for a slot on Huskies Connect.

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