Article Written by Kevin Sloter. Photo taken by Kevin Sloter.

The Art Student Union held a fall themed step-by-step painting guide in room 206 of the Kiehle Visual Arts Center on Oct 19, at 6:30 p.m. The art supplies was provided so all majors could enjoy a judgment free painting season.

The event was set up so that students watched a youtube video, entitled “How To Paint A Raven On A Pumpkin, Acrylic Painting Tutorial”, that was being shown on the big projector screen in the room. Like most paintings, the video and the event had the students start with the background, then move slowly to the foreground of the painting. The painters started with the brightest and easiest object, the moon. The instructor then had the students move on to the more challenging objects to do, the pumpkin and finally the vine. The students also threw some white stars that looked like dots on the painting they were making by sprinkling them on the canvas After the video was over and the event started to wrap up, the painters got to take what they had been working on for that hour-and-hour home with them. The video was paused sometimes in order to help people catch up to it. This is when Chloe Luther, vice president of the club, and Stephanie Shoemaker, secretary, walked around and helped any of the painters who needed help with catching up. It cemented that the Art Student Union is meant for all students, not just art majors.

It was pretty clear that Halloween was the theme of this event as well. The halloween imagery the students were painting was only the tip of the iceberg. The plates that the painters were using for the paint had Halloween cartoon stickers, and the music was halloween themed as well.It made the students get into the Halloween spirit. There was also a big basket of suckers at the front of the room and taking one out of the basket reminded some students of trick or treating.

Chloe Luther said that the Art Student Union has the rest of the semester events already planned out and scheduled. Luther went on to say that the next event will be the Halloween Party on Oct 26 and there will be snacks, a movie, a spooky craft, and a costume contest with a prize. Luther also said there is a candle painting event on Nov 2, a photo shoot event on Nov 9, A still life night on Nov 16, and a Potluck and Games night on Nov 30

Stephanie Shoemaker sees the Art Student Union’s mission as bringing art to people who might be afraid to try art. Shoemaker also says building a community around art is really important.

“I think we really want to build a community, and really open everyone up to art. I think a lot of people kind of get their heads stuck on that idea that ‘I’m not good at art. Like I can’t do it’ but we really want to draw everyone in to have fun and learn a couple things about art”, said Shoemaker.

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