Article Written by Lilly Marohn.

Organizers from the School of Graduate Studies hosted an event called Write Night that builds a sense of community for student writers.

Write Night, an event put on by the School of Graduate Studies, partners with the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning and the University Library to create a comfortable space for students to write and connect.

“Sometimes writing can be a really lonely process because you are not necessarily connecting with a class every day. And when you’re in your own space writing, sometimes students really get stuck there. So, the idea was to make space for people to connect,” said Melanie Guentzel, Director of Graduate Student Services.

There are people at the event who consult, advise, empathize and help attendees stay on track and work on their own writing goals.

Write Night has helped students with senior projects and graduate students working on a thesis or dissertation. So far, three to four students attend the event.

“Sometimes for students and faculty, just making time for yourself to write can be a challenge,” said Guentzel. “So going to an event like this, you can block out a time to do this writing work.”

Although the event is mainly for graduate students, it is welcome to any students who want to make time to write and be a part of a writing community.

“I think when we have this community and knowing that when you get stuff, there is someone here who can have that conversation with you, and ask you what you’re writing on, and have some empathy for the experience of writing, and the difficulty of writing,” said Guentzel.

The James W. Miller Learning Resource Center, room 310, held the event. Students unable to attend in person used Zoom.

“One-third of our graduate students are also online, so we also launched it via Zoom,” said Guentzel.

The event encouraged students to enjoy snacks, coffee, tea, and treats, set a writing goal for the evening, find a comfortable spot, and write.

The last event was on April 20, 2023. Future writing events can be found on Husky Connect.

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