Article Written by Ethan Johnson. Photo by Ethan Johnson.

After helping advise the SCSU Aero Club in a recent club meeting on Nov. 7, Honors Professor Steven Anderson is hopeful for the club’s future and higher education at SCSU.

Anderson, an honors professor and the faculty advisor for the Aero Club, is passionate about combining his passions to create more academic opportunities between higher education and aviation through the Aero Club and his connection with his classes.

Anderson began his career with SCSU when he got the opportunity after being a flight instructor for a few years. He had vision problems that didn’t allow him to go to work in general airlines. So when an opportunity to work as a professor at SCSU from a mutual connection presented itself, he took it.

“I started as a professor teaching a few aviation classes. Eventually, they needed more help, and I ended up teaching more classes; I learned I liked it, so when the full-time position popped up, I took it,” Anderson said.

Anderson is now an honors professor after SCSU ended its aviation program years ago. However, he still thinks that being a professor has allowed him to explore his passions for aviation, learn new things, and see new opportunities, especially with his involvement in the scope of the wider academic world.

“I’m part of an academic-industry organization that accredits university aviation programs, and that’s the type of program being a professor has required and allowed me to do,” Anderson said.

As the faculty advisor for the Aero Club, Anderson has a lot of passion for getting students involved and is always trying to get students who want to fly in the air. His passion emanates even further to his associates, including Reuben Wagenius, a member of the IT staff at SCSU, as well as the corporate treasurer of the club.

“Professor Anderson has been an advocate of us for almost 30 years now; he spends his time at Mainstreet and advocates for the good we do. He is doing a great job out here.” Wagenius said.

Wagenius, the club’s corporate treasurer, is responsible for all the expenses the club produces and tax forms. He believes that through Anderson, his, and other leaders within the club, people can teach, learn, and share their passions.

Anderson said the club is struggling for members right now but that he’s hopeful that new student leadership and involvement from the corporate executive board could boost attendance and, hopefully, more SCSU students passionate about flying.

In addition to aviation, Anderson also remains hopeful for the future world of academics and universities.

“There are a lot of strong, ambitious young students out there right now; I see it a lot in honors courses like the ones I teach now and also in the Aero Club. I think the future is bright,” Anderson said.

Anderson will continue to combine his two passions into something that makes SCSU a more engaging and passionate place to learn.

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