Article Written by Maya Geving.

On Tuesday, January 31, students gathered in Atwood to decorate cookies and learn about the art of drag. Drag queen Plenty O’Smiles hosted the event.

With ABBA blasting from the speakers, a hot cocoa bar, and bright pink icing to decorate cookies, the mood is set for a fun event. O’Smiles struts around the room passing out icing and answering questions about drag.

“A lot of people ask me how I got my drag name,” she says. “So, I went to Ohio State, and my friends there decided that my drag name should be Irish. One time, we were all hanging out, and I went to the bathroom and came back smiling. It was decided. My name would be Plenty O’Smiles,” she laughs.

“I’ve been doing drag for ten years and cookies for nine,” she says. “I’m based in Columbus, but I travel all over the country doing these events. I’ve been doing them for two years now.”

“My favorite part of doing these workshops is getting to meet new people and traveling to new places. I like how my events allow students to unplug from the stress of college. There’s no pressure when it comes to cookie decorating,” she says.

She reassures students that their cookies don’t have to be perfect. “If you make a mistake, just don’t Instagram that one. It’s okay to not have a good-looking cookie.”

Several students ask O’Smiles for tips on beginning drag. “Do whatever you’re comfortable with. Don’t do what everyone likes, do what you like. Drag is what you want it to be. Choose songs that you feel good with and that make you happy. If you’re happy, everyone is gonna be happy.”

When asked about drag becoming more popular on college campuses, Smiles said, “I think it’s awesome. Not a lot of colleges have a drag troupe like St. Cloud State does. I think it’s really cool.”

Students Ashley Yurkovich and Amy Siharath also attended the event.  “We think events like this are important because they bring students together and help them make friends. We chose to come to this event because it seemed like a lot of fun and because we were craving cookies,” they laugh.


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