Article Written by Rebecca Bouphamaly. Photo provided by Carly Frederick. 

At St. Cloud State University, there are more than 100 student organizations! These organizations are all officially registered through the Department of Campus Involvement and benefit from the dedicated support of the exceptional DCI staff.  

Let’s shine a spotlight on Carly Frederick, a staff member of SCSU. Carly serves as the Assistant Director within the Department of Campus Involvement, where she plays a pivotal role in supporting various surfaces of campus life. Her responsibilities include overseeing student organizations, fraternity and sorority affairs, and coordinating departmental events like the Excellence in Leadership banquet, and the Lemonade Concert and Art Fair.  

Frederick has been a dedicated full-time staff member since November 2022, following her extensive involvement in the department during both her undergraduate and graduate program.  

During her undergraduate, she was involved within the Greek community and the student programming board when it was UPB (now known as H.E.A.T). She says, “being involved with those two really helped develop my leadership and professional skills, and ultimately guided me down the career path I’ve chosen. Without them both I don’t quite know what I would be doing.”  

One of her colleagues, Margaret Schroeder, describes Frederick as persistent, dedicated, and resourceful. She says, “I admire her work ethic with student organizations and HuskiesConnect. Taking on such a robust student engagement platform is a big task, and she has become a master at it. Keeping student organizations organized with registration, Mainstreet and Sidestreet, trainings, and leadership development, she really tries to make sure that each student leader gets everything out of being a part of a student organization.” 

Frederick and Schroeder both serve as Assistant Directors for Campus Involvement, leading to frequent collaboration and shared time together. When asked, “what is your favorite thing about working with Carly?”, Schroeder responded by saying- “having her across the hall from me is great because I know that I will always be either laughing or learning a new TikTok hack. She is great at her job and having her as my co-assistant director is amazing and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”  

During an interview with Allie Patnode, a member of Kappa Phi Omega Sorority, she expressed her admiration for Frederick’s unwavering support. Patnode highlighted Frederick’s passion, approachability, and inclusiveness as reasons she enjoys collaborating with her. Patnode says, these qualities all make her such an amazing Greek advisor and helps Greek life stay on top of their semester long tasks.

Frederick has proven herself to be an exceptional leader, impacting not just the students she guides, but also her colleagues. She finds immense fulfillment in her role, particularly in witnessing students grow into capable leaders and enriching their college journey through extracurricular engagement.  

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