Article Written by Desiree Peltola. Photo provided by Jonathon Rou.

The the Environmental and Technological Studies Club (ETS) had a Spring highway cleanup on Saturday, April 13, open to all students and encouraging students to bring friends and family to the event or anyone that wanted to get involved. This is the fourth spring highway cleanup hosted by the ETS club in the past two years, and there is one every fall and spring semester. So if you missed this opportunity, you can get set to join the next highway cleanup in the fall.

The cleanup occurred on County Road 49 in Cold Spring, Minnesota and lasted three to four hours, and lunch was provided for all volunteers. This event not only offerd a chance to contribute to the community but also ensured a fulfilling and convenient experience for all participants and provided the opportunity for service and volunteer hours.

After the pandemic, the Environmental and Technological Studies Club (ETS) started back on campus two years ago. They are doing great things for the environment, getting students out in the world, and making connections. speaking with Taylor Rau, a Senior at St Cloud State and the ETS club president for the past two years. He mentioned they are trying to get their feet back into the water after the pandemic, getting more students to join the club and get campus involvement.

Rau encouraged students who have not participated in this event before or are nervous about trying it out by saying, “It’s a great opportunity to get out of the classroom, hang out with fellow students, and get involved in making an impact in your community.”

The ETS club’s goal is to keep gaining more students so they can continue to impact the community and to keep fostering connections and friendships through being a part of the club. They plan to continue doing small events on campus to promote more sustainability and environmental principles. The ETS club also empowers and inspires students by offering leadership skills that can be used in their career and college careers, providing a platform for personal growth and development.

If you are interested in the ETS club or the next spring clean up, you can find more on Huskies Connect or Contact Taylor Rau, the ETS club president, at or (320) 241-9736.

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