Article Written by Cameron Stenzel. Photo Provided by Rebecca Peine.

St. Cloud State University has a variety of students from all over the world. There are students from Asia, Africa, and the Middle East who strive for a better education. There are also students on campus who need academic support and help getting involved with different activities on campus. In July of 2022, St. Cloud State University added a new member to the Husky pack to help students get the resources they need to strive for success. New Assistant Dean of Students Rebecca Peine is willing to help students be a part of the Husky pack.

Before Arriving at St. Cloud State, Peine was the Director of Students’ Rights and Responsibilities at Rochester Community and Technical College. 

While growing up, Peine found school to be challenging. She was academically behind in kindergarten through second grade and she believed that she wasn’t successful until she had a third-grade teacher that inspired her. “My third-grade teacher Ms. Anderson made me feel special and she inspired me to become a teacher just like her,” Peine says. “Working in Education is Magic, and with interactions you have with people, you don’t know how much you will impact someone.” Today she is working on her doctoral degree in education.

Helping students has been one of her favorite jobs since she started working in education. Students who need help with basic or personal needs go to Peine for advice. No matter how hard the situation is, Peine is willing to help students one task at a time. “Students who come to me who are dealing with a crisis, I tell them we’re gonna take it one day at a time,” Peine says. “Whatever task we can get done today, that can set us up for success tomorrow.” One of Peine’s biggest goals for her is for students to get the help that they need. “In the Dean of Students office, we have a phrase “You’ve got this, We’ve got you,” she says. “My goal is for students to know that we believe in you and we have your back.”

Peine has been at St. Cloud State for almost a year, and since she joined the Husky pack she has experienced many new things along the way. “Coming up on my first year here at St. Cloud State, there is so much to learn,” says Peine.“One of the things that I’m impressed with during my time here is the supportive environment. There have been some tough days but with the support from my coworkers and phenomenal students, I really appreciate the community here at St. Cloud State.” 

For students who are seeking help and advice, contact the Dean of Students office by emailing, or visit room 110 in the Atwood Memorial Center.

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