Article Written by Kylie Wilson.

As we enter the last half of the spring semester, staying mentally and physically healthy is especially important.

One of the organizations on campus working to help students with that goal is Healthy Huskies.

Healthy Huskies is an SCSU program where students aid their peers to learn and implement tools needed to positively impact their health and well-being.

To gain a more in-depth understanding of Healthy Huskies, I [don’t use “I”] reached out to one of its members, Ellie Wigham.

Ellie is a full-time graduate assistant with Healthy Huskies and is working on her master’s degree in clinical health counseling. Health and wellness are something Ellie values deeply.

“I love getting to put on events for students to relax and de-stress and advocating for health and wellness” Ellie said.

Healthy Huskies offers many different events and activities:

  •  Paws&Relax: 6-8 therapy dogs are brought to campus for students to relax with. These dogs range from Chihuahua to great Dane!
    • Every Tuesday,1:30 – 3 p.m. in Eastman Hall
    • March 26 and April 23 will be in Atwood
  • Wellness Wednesday: Students can participate in activities that promote stress reduction, social wellness, and self-care
    • Every Wednesday, 11 -2 p.m. in Atwood
  • Yoga: Student instructed yoga classes
    • Remaining dates: March13, March 27, April 10, and April 24
    • 5 -6 p.m. in Atwood

As the weather becomes warmer, Healthy Huskies will also have activities like pillowcase decorating, tie dye shirts, succulent planting, and more!

Anyone interested in joining Healthy Huskies can email

As always, all Healthy Huskies events are posted on Huskies connect.

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