Red Barn Dairy Queen.  Photo credits Mckenzie Garrett.

Article written by McKenzie Garrett


One of the first things you notice coming into a city are restaurants. When you come into St. Cloud from Hwy 10, you will notice the Red Barn Dairy Queen. Currently under renovations, the fast-food restaurant came into new ownership a little over a year ago.

While working in construction, Jake Asfield got an offer he could not refuse. In February of 2021, he purchased the franchise store. In an interview, he stated “the store will be modernized, and the restrooms will have doors on the inside rather than the outside.”

This Dairy Queen has operated for more than 60 years. The previous owners had the restroom entrances outside, as they were only open during three seasons. With the change to being open year-round, Asfield thought it would be an innovative idea to have the restroom entrance inside for the colder weather.

“It will definitely be beneficial for them to be open year-round, considering the bathrooms are indoors now,” local Chad Isom states.

Renovation is underway at Dairy Queen, and they are blazing through the process. While the original opening date was set for May 2022, there were some delays getting the proper permits to continue. Asfield and the team are hoping to re-open this summer, in time for the hot weather.

Included in the renovation plans will be modernized machinery, technology, and a general update of the store.


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