Article Written by Alexander Prahl. Photo by Alexander Prahl. 

St. Cloud State hosted bingo this past Wednesday night. Hundreds of students flocked over to Atwood Ballroom in the hope of taking home a prize for themself.

Some of these prizes consisted of an Nintendo switch, Lego sets, Bluetooth speakers, and even a scooter to ride around on. However, only a few lucky students were able to win these prizes.

Most students would eventually end up going home empty handed. But despite this, several students expressed their enjoyment for bingo night.

One of these students was Madison Pierskalla. She was pleased to see SCSU events continue hosting this event. When asked about why bingo had appealed to her, She explained that bingo had a mix of moments that “were fun but also thrilling at the same time.”

Another student that reflected positivity with Bingo night was Ben Tanski. Tanski said he loved the first time he went and was very excited to be back. So excited in fact, that he actually “cancelled plans to be at bingo instead.”

Despite their enjoyment for bingo night. Both Pierskalla and Tanski were eager to see new ideas be incorporated for future events.

Pierskalla enjoyed, “parties such as Husky Prom and Huskychella Foam Glow Party” and would “love to see more events similar to those ones”

While Tanski enjoyed the competition aspect of Bingo. He also felt that “there should be other forms of competition that students could compete in.” Tanski also mentioned having events such as Bingo to be pushed onto a more convenient day of the week.

Margaret Schroeder is the Director of Campus Involvement. She has been hosting events on campus since 2021. Schroeder sat down and explained her role in an interview. As well as discussing the opportunities students can have when it comes to putting in input for future events that take place on campus.

As director, she discussed the tasks she takes on, whilst also highlighting the importance of feedback from students have in these decisions. Schroeder “oversees the Husky events and activities team, while planning all the on-campus events.” events such as Bingo are just one of the many that Schroeder organizes with her team.

To appeal to student wants and needs, Schroeder said that she, “encourages students to come up and approach staff for any new ideas.” Currently, the SCSU events Instagram has a link in their bio that gives the option for students to put in any future event suggestions. This helps the event program know directly what students are looking to get out of their college experience.

St. Cloud students can also have the opportunity to work and gain experience under the events program. Schroeder noted that “many students help and volunteer to make these events possible.”

 Whether you are a student participating or volunteering, SCSU Events is a program keeping students invloved.

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