Article Written by Savannah Reinke. Photo accredited to KVSC 88.1FM.

St. Cloud State University’s radio station, KVSC, has released the first Monday Night Live album after 32 seasons.

Monday Night Live is a show that has been happening for over 30 years. Now, it is produced together by KVSC and the university’s television station, UTVS. The show highlights and supports the local Minnesota music scene. Each Monday, the two organizations host a local Minnesota band to play their music for the listeners and watchers of KVSC and UTVS.

“In my opinion, this project is long overdue. I’m the type of person who steps into a role and leaves it better than when I started. That’s what I’m doing with Monday Night Live, and this album is one of the ways I’ve enhanced the program thus far.” said Grace Jacobson, Talent Coordinator of KVSC and the creator of this project.

Jacobson started this project in hopes of promoting local musicians and building community through these albums. Through the MNL Season 32 album, everyone has access to purchase the album which includes 19 tracks of MNL performers. The $12 purchase will give individuals both a physical and digital copy of the album. Since this project is created by students, proceeds go back to support KVSC.

Two others joined Jacobson in the production of the album; Gavin Larson, Audio Engineer, and Jake Avdem, host of MNL. Jacobson and Larson were the decision makers when it came which singles to put on the album.

Working alongside the two each Monday Night, Avdem said, “This project represents this memorable past year. Whenever I play the album in my car, it instantly transports me back to each Monday, allowing me to reminisce about the memorable shows and experiences I had while hosting.”

Avdem also made his radio debut with his band, Simple Motions, on MNL last spring. One of their singles was chosen to be featured on the album as well.

Monday Night Live is a great way for individuals enrolled within St. Cloud State’s Mass Communications program to get hands-on experience. With many roles such as producing, directing, technical directing, talent and so much more, students get a real view of a live music production.

Matt Moorlach, member of MNL and a Mass Communication- Creative Media junior said, “I like creative freedom. It is a new band every week and I feel like we’re helping them get their name out there and create their own recording.”

This project allows SCSU students to be part of the production of an album from start to finish. This includes the recording of artists, production of the album, and the marketing side. Adding yet another item St. Cloud State Mass Communications students can put on their resumes.

The album has been dedicated to two important KVSC individuals that passed away this past year; Jo McMullen-Boyer and Dave Velk. Jo McMullen was the KVSC station manager and passed away from cancer in July of 2023.

“I am still so grateful for this opportunity she’s given me… I felt thrown to the wolves and had to figure a lot of things out on my own, but each time I went to Jo for help and guidance, she always knew what to do and what to say—but that was Jo” said Jacobson.

David Velk was Jacobson’s first artist book for the show.

“When I met him in person, he asked me how talent coordinating was going, and I told him I was struggling, so he offered me a list of musicians he knew that I could reach out to and get on the show. That small act of kindness from him helped propel me in this role. He gave me the momentum I needed for this show to be as successful as it is now.”

Now that the first album is in the books, the project is showing signs of a bright future. With Jacobson graduating in May 2025, she hopes the project will continue on for years to come. Season 33 is currently in post-production and is planning to only release a digital copy.

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