Article Written by Kylie Wilson.  Photo provided by Upper Mississippi Harvest. 

It’s Spring! You know what that means — St. Cloud State’s Literary and Art Journal, the Upper Mississippi Harvest, is soon to be published, with a release party set this month!

What is the Upper Mississippi Harvest?

The UMH is a journal that highlights SCSU students’ art and other literary pieces since 1991. The UMH features pieces that include poetry, creative nonfiction, fiction, graphic novels, and visual art including photography, paintings, drawings, and sketches.

Any student, regardless of their major, is welcome to submit their work for consideration.

Once a piece is submitted, the journal’s head editors compile the pieces into genre packets with names removed. The UMH student editors are then given these packets over winter break to be judged. Once the Spring Semester begins, final decisions are made as to what pieces will be featured.

Faculty Advisor and Head Editor, Leanne Loy, speaks on issue #26, which was the most memorable journal she’s worked on. “[Issue #26] was my first year as head-editor of the journal and I am most proud of it because it was the first year we raised enough funds through fundraising to publish in full color. A full color journal costs more money but with all the beautiful artwork we received that year I didn’t want to print some of them in black and white, so we upped our fundraising efforts and were able to print in full color. Since that year we have been able to continue printing in full color which our students and artists alike really appreciate.”

This year, Upper Mississippi Harvest will be publishing their 33rd edition of the journal later this month.  The Release party will be held on April 24 in the Atwood Theater from 4:30 p.m. till 6:30 p.m.

To find earlier and this year’s UMH publications, online, visit:

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