Poster image for the Gerontology Club. Photo Courtesy of the Gerontology Club 

This article was written by Gerontology President Jess VanderWerf 

Have you heard about Gerontology Club/Sigma Phi Omega (SPO)? Gerontology Club is a great chance to socialize, make new connections and even volunteer. Don’t know much about gerontology or the study of aging? That is okay! Everyone is welcome at our meetings.  

We meet every other Monday with our next meetings on Monday October 25th, November 8th and 22nd at 4pm. We meet virtually and in person.  For current gerontology students we have study groups. During our meetings we aim to work together and create a community.  

We have many exciting events coming up so check out our Huskies Connect Page. If you have questions or just want to learn more email our president Jess at or come by and see us in Brown Hall 312 someone would love to help you!  

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