Written by James McAuley 

The SCSU Men’s Basketball team suffers a heartbreaking loss versus Northern State University 85-80. The Northern State Wolves had a very good start in this game that carried into most of the first half. They were very creative with their shot selection and didn’t seem to miss. They had stretched out to a 45-18 lead during the first half. The Huskies had used their timeouts and the halftime break to reevaluate the unfortunate circumstance that they were facing. The Huskies fought hard throughout the entire game, and throughout the second half started to come back and chip at the deficit. They worked very hard, and started to pass the ball better and their shots started going in. The momentum had shifted completely, and the comeback seemed possible. But with about three minutes left in the second half, the Wolves made a three that was a dagger for the Huskies. The Huskies came back from a twenty-seven-point deficit but unfortunately, they couldn’t hold on to the lead when they had it. They fought hard and made the game interesting until the end.  

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