Written by James McAuley 

It was a great day for Huskies Women’s Soccer Oct 29 getting a win over the Northern State Wolves.

The Huskies started slow with little to no offense and Northern State dominated with possession early. The Wolves had some great chances to score early, but the Huskies back line were on their heels but stayed strong and didn’t allow any goals in the Wolves early attacks.

The Huskies started building momentum and a penalty in the fourteenth minute which gave the Huskies a quick lead. Less than a minute later, the senior forward Claire Shea maneuvered her way through the Wolves defense and got a nice goal which gives the Huskies a two-goal advantage in the first fifteen minutes of the match. The rest of the second half, the Wolves were unlucky in the first half with no goals and three shots on goal.

The second half started with some urgency from the Wolves to score early and put themselves in position to win the game. This urgency was not as effective as they hoped with two shots on goal and no goals to show for it. The shutout today was mainly possible due to the Huskies back line, which bended at times but never broke. Another reason is the stunning redshirt freshman goalkeeper Evie Kohn with five saves and staying focused on the ball and not allowing it to pass her and go into the net. Great team win for the Huskies.

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