Article written by Seung Chul Kim 

The SCSU Men’s Basketball Team played against Clarke University Nov 16. The huskies played with the Clarke University and we had first loss by them. They play in the league which is called Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference Division Two. The Huskies opened with a strong offensive and defensive game plan, shooting out to a 10-5 lead just minutes into regulation. After a slow start, Clarke University rallied the score to 19-10 over the Huskies and claiming a 49-44 lead over our team at the half. Our key players were Anthony Roberts (Junior guard) and Caleb Donaldson (Junior guard).

Roberts and Donaldson accounted for most of St. Cloud state’s first half offense, scoring 14 and 13 points respectively. The Huskies tried to regain momentum in the early minutes of the first half, as two quick baskets and a block by Josh Tomasi (Sophomore center) allowed St. Cloud State to pull within three at 51-48. The Huskies continued to hold the momentum, closing the gap to 70-68 before taking its first lead since the first half at 71-70.

St. Cloud State continued to put up a fight, but was forced to foul, a Clarke player made a three point shoot in the dwindling seconds and the Huskies failed to score on the ensuing possession. The Pride (Clarke’s guard) connected on their final free throws, clinching the 94-89 win over St. Cloud State. For our key players, there are Anthony Roberts who scored 28 points and Caleb Donaldson who scored 21 points. 

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