New activities and trips planned for Campus Recreation this year. Photo Credit Joseph Bahr 

Winter is never far away. As the weather has started to cool and the leaves start to change, many students will be looking for way to stay active in the fall and winter months. Campus Recreation has us all covered. 

Campus Recreation has an abundance of activities to ensure we can all stay active in the cold months ahead. They offer intermural sports, sport clubs, a health and wellness initiative, esports and tons of other programs. 

Calvin Diggs is the director of Campus Recreation and Sports Facilities. He came to St. Cloud after having the same position at Piedmont College in Georgia. Before that, he was the assistant director of Campus Recreation at Vanderbilt University. 

There are also upcoming events for students to get involved in. There is an NBA 2K tournament on October 19th that is open to all students. Along with a bench press contest that will take place October 4th. 

These facilities are free to first year students. There is a membership fee of $60 for the use of all facilities for the semester, ending December 24th. That money is recycled into Campus Recreation and goes towards “the upkeep of equipment, getting new equipment, keeping programs operational,” Diggs said. 

If you are looking for something a little more adventurous Campus Recreation also has trips available that go across the United States. There is a trip to Washington D.C from December 16th-19th. It is a trip Diggs described as ‘an urban hike.’ 

There is also another cross-country trip available over spring break. Campus Recreation is organizing a trip that involves seeing five National Parks from March 4th-13th. The states that are being visited include Colorado, Nebraska, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming. That trip will cost $500 dollars per student. 

There is a list of all activities and happenings involved with Campus Recreation on their Instagram, SCSU_campusrec. “We will post about upcoming events and activities about 2-3 weeks before they take place, said Diggs. 

As the Summer heat gives way to the cooler fall temperatures, we will all invariably gravitate indoors. Campus Recreation is sure to have an abundance of activities to keep all students entertained through the harsh Minnesota winter. 

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