Logo for the SCSU Mass Communications department. Photo courtesy of SCSU Mass Commmunications 

Article written by Bailey Woommavovah 

In 1972, 50 years ago, the Department of Mass Communications at SCSU was created. This year we are celebrating the 50th anniversary.  

What started as the Department of Journalism is now the Department of Mass Communications. We offer not just a journalism major, but also production related majors, advertising related majors, and more.  

The idea of a mass communications department was first proposed in 1965 and approved in 1972. The Department of Journalism combined with the radio and television sequence of the Speech Department. This required little funding to make the change.  

Currently, the Department of Mass Communications offers many educational benefits to students, including undergraduate programs, a graduate program, groups and organizations, and scholarships.  

SCSU mass communications department offers five programs: a minor in mass communications, a Bachelor of Science in creative media production, journalism, and strategic communications, and a Master of Science in Strategic Media Communications.  

Within the department, there are three organizations to get involved in such as KVSC, the radio station licensed to SCSU, UTVS, the University Television Station, and the University Chronicle, the student newspaper.  

Mass communications students are also qualified for many scholarships in their department. There are 19 scholarships currently available and open for applications.  

The department is celebrating its 50th anniversary by doing a project that will take place throughout the year, starting in June, and running through the year. We are finding 50 alumni and creating profiles for social media and bulletin board signage.  

The mass communications department is also creating 50 throwback posts. This includes looking through archives to find interesting facts, stories, pictures, and more from old newspapers.  

The mass communications social media accounts will post on Facebook and LinkedIn with these profiles and throwbacks on a weekly basis, each week dedicated to one profile and one throwback post.  

The Department of Mass Communications has had many successful alumni, since 1972, that the department wishes to profile this coming year. A sneak peek of the alumni we are posting about on social media will be Joshua Cobb, Katie (Emmer) Storm, and Bob St. Pierre.  

Joshua Cobb is a 2019 graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications. He is currently a segment producer/writer at the Black News Channel. Joshua’s best piece of life advice: “In its purest form, a story is just a set of data with a soul. Internalize that and be intentional when you apply it in your work. You will flourish.”  

Katie Storm (Emmer) is a 2018 graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications with a focus in TV Broadcast Journalism. She is using her degree as a host/reporter for Bally  

Sports North. Katie’s best piece of life advice: “Enjoy what you do in life and in work. Embrace challenges as they come, while also showing kindness to everyone you meet along the way. The journey of life is so much more meaningful when you can be your full, authentic self—so be exactly that!”  

Bob St. Pierre graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications with a focus in Advertising and Public Relations in 1996 as well as an English degree with a creative writing focus. Bob is currently the chief marketing and communications officer at Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever, and he is also a co-host of FAN Outdoors Radio on KFAN. Bob’s best piece of life advice: “Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose. Sometimes it rains. Pack a rain jacket.”  

Keep a look out on the Department of Mass Communications social media pages throughout the year for more alumni profiles. The department excited to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Department of Mass Communications at SCSU with alumni, faculty, staff, families, friends, students, and more.

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