This picture is from the Drag Troupe’s last big show, the theme was decades. Photo courtesy of the SCSU Drag Troupe 

Drag is a hyper-exaggerated performance of gender roles, done while lip-syncing to songs with dramatic clothes and makeup. Anyone can perform drag however they like! The SCSU Drag Troupe has drag kings, who present masculine, drag queens, who present feminine, and drag royalty, who present as androgynous as they please. The Troupe encourages all their performers to experiment with their styles and expression to evolve their own art of drag.  

The Drag Troupe of SCSU teaches students the art of drag: how to move your body and face, how to do the makeup, and how to put on a show! The Troupe also helps people figure out just what drag means to them as an artform and an expression of their gender.  

If you’ve never had any experience with drag, please feel free to check out the February amateur night on the 17th! It will be held in the Quarry in the basement of Atwood at 7:30. Admission is free, but it’s encouraged to bring tips for the performers.  

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