Poster for the Perspectives concert held in Ritsche Auditorium. Photo courtesy of Huskies Connect.

Article written by Allison Schwengler 

The St. Cloud Wind Ensemble had their first concert of the semester Thursday night in Ritsche Auditorium.  

This concert offered a wide variety of pieces from Irish composers to Led Zeppelin medlies. 

Interim Wind Ensemble Director David Lumley shared during the concert that he wanted to choose pieces for the band from a diverse group of composers and genres.  

The ensemble played pieces such as “African Dreams” by Brant Karrick, “Dublin Dances” by Jan Van der Roost, and “Kvetchers (Surprises in Controversial Times)” by Laura Estes along with other songs.  

Many students were featured as soloists in these selections.   

The SCSU Music Department has upcoming events to attend including Ben Brinkman’s Student Recital on March 24th at 6 pm in the Recital Hall and the Husky Sports Band concert on April 5th at 7 pm in Ritsche Auditorium.  

More information on upcoming music events can be found on Huskies Connect  

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