The logo for The Kinder Coffee Lab. Photo courtesy of Guy Mango from The Kinder Coffee Lab

Article written by McKenzie Garrett 

Kinder Coffee Lab has started the construction of their first coffee shop featuring freshly roasted coffee. The company started in June of 2020 with the intentions of building the coffee shop right away but decided to push for a different start. Their journey started as just a roasting business getting coffee lovers freshly roasted beans to enjoy. The beans arrive to your door whole, so you will need a grinder to get the consistency right for the type of brew you are making. With the pandemic, it has been easier for a lot of people to get things delivered. Well, the founders of Kinder Coffee took advantage of that and started a subscription box for freshly roasted coffee. With plenty of options to choose from, you are encouraged to try something new! Each roast has a brilliant amount of flavor ranging from subtle notes of cocoa to dried fruit.  While the subscription box is still running, the owners are excited to get a start on opening the coffee shop. 

“I love the idea that coffee was this thing that could bring people together,” co-founder Guy Magno said in an interview. Working in a coffee shop down in the cities, he found his passion and decided that his dream was to open his own coffee shop someday. With the help of friends Ryan Schoepf and Taylor Feero, he was able to start something special. Although they didn’t quite start the coffee shop right away, the subscription box has been successful. 

“One of the best things about it is that I get to do it with friends,” Magno says about opening a coffee shop and starting a business, “life is better with good people and good coffee and doing a coffee shop with good people is that much better too.” 

There are bound to be differences between who likes what and which additives to put in. At Kinder Coffee you are encouraged to “drink it the way you like it.” With the different roasts of coffee that the company has to offer, there are several ways to make and fall in love with coffee. “The longer you roast the beans, the less flavor is bound to be there,” says Magno. Many people enjoy having creamer or sugar with their coffee, but at Kinder Coffee Lab, you are encouraged to step out of your comfort zone for some bold flavors of coffee beans. 

Co-founders Taylor, Guy and Ryan are enthusiastic about opening their first coffee shop. They have started putting in the curbs for the drive-thru in hopes of opening within the next year. The building being used is currently a garage, but they are planning on turning it into a café and kitchen with a drive thru. 

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